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Do we like beer? Yes.

Do we drink a lot of it? Probably.

Do we care who made it, how many points it has, or whether it comes in a bottle or a can? Nope.

This is a site that celebrates our love of the outdoors, travel, cooking, and anything else that can be shared with a tasty beverage in our hands and our friends by our side.

Modern Round - Peoria, AZ


Our “craft beer outreach program”, where we meet with brewers to explore their processes, sample beers from around the world, and learn more about this crazy craft beer revolution.

Drink Up! >>

Food + Beer

To paraphrase the great Julia Child, “I enjoy cooking with beer. Sometimes I even put it in the food”.

Fire Up the Grill! >>

Rebirth of Man

Grrr, arghh.

Man Up! >>

Outdoors + Beer

What better way to enjoy this beautiful country of ours than with a firearm or rod, and a craft beer in hand. ‘Merica.

Start Exploring! >>

Parenting + Beer

Parenting can sometimes require a couple beers. We’re here to help (or at least entertain).

Congratulations! You Need a Beer! >>

DIY + Beer

Because working with your hands still leaves one open to hold a nice, tasty beverage.

Make Something >>

Travel + Beer

Sometimes, the best way to explore a new place is by saddling up to a bar, having a beer and talking with the locals.

Plan your Next Brewcation >>
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