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Do you believe a conspiracy theory? Almost 50% of Americans do. Whether it is JFK, an alien at Area 51, a 9/11 cover up or the supposed Clinton body count.  That’s why Mike & Rob […]

Conspiracy Theories. What Do You Believe?

Know anyone who collects beer cans? If so they may want to head to Albuquerque, NM this weekend. The Albuquerque Convention Center is hosting this year’s CANvention between August 29th-31st. This convention is put on by the […]

The Beer CANvention Is Real!

The Brewmance hits up Urban Axes in Downtown Phoenix to throw axes at a target and drink beers. What could go wrong?

Throwing Axes & Drinking Beer

See that?  That’s we call can art. Can art can help a beer stand out on the shelf and more and more brewers are taking their can art as seriously as they brew their beer.  […]

Why Can Art Matters.

It’s a crowded beer market place.  The big brewers are losing market share to the over 7,000 craft breweries across the country.  Let’s face it, craft brewers are making better beer. Big beer companies, though, […]

How Big Beer Sells Beer. The Brewmance On The Radio.

We here at The Brewmance admit we love a good marketing campaign. Busch Beer is on to something here, introducing us to their Busch Latte. They are pushing the Latte as the perfect morning beer. […]

Busch Latte Is The Best Part Of Waking Up.

The headline signifies how American politicians and media works.  Here on The Brewmance Podcast Mike and Rob wonder why everything is becoming a reality show and why politicians and TV media hosts rarely talk about […]

Tension Gets Attention.

This week on The Brewmance On The Radio Mike Russell and Rob Hunter take a look at the worst beer trends in the country.  The trends come from brewers themselves. So, what is it the […]

Worst Beer Trends. The Brewmance On The Radio.

What do you think beer tastes like in North Korea or Cuba? We’ll give you a hint. It’s not good. We here at The Brewmance have not had the opportunity to try it, but Dr. […]

Socialism Sucks. Why? Their Beer Sucks.

We here at The Brewmance are beer festival veterans. Mike, Rob & Lady Brewmance never miss an opportunity to try new brews. With this expertise comes great responsibility. Sharing six tips with you to help […]

Six Beer Fest Tips