2021 Is The Year Of Mindset.

2020 was a year. Literally. But, almost everyone seems to be saying that meaning it was the toughest year ever. Fine. So, let’s look ahead to 2021.

This year, Mike Russell & Rob Hunter are not doing New Years’ resolutions. Instead, The Brewmance is embarking on a year filled with challenges.

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In January, Rob’s challenge is to drink no alcohol. Wait, on The Brewmance? Yes. So Rob will sip on some non-alcoholic beers while Mike will forgo the beer and sip on spirits. First up for Mike is tequila. He’s trying Fort Aleza Tequila.

Rob is going with Boulevard Brewing Companies Flying Start they brewed in partnership with Athletic Brewing.

Join us as we talk about goals, mindset and 2021. What challenges or resolutions have you made in the New Year? Let us know at cheers@brewmance.beer. Join us on Instagram here. Facebook here. Cheers.

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