Who are We?

Our Mission

We, here, at The Brewmance love beer…and great conversations.

“There are plenty of other craft beer sites out there. Why should I visit yours?”

Ouch. You’re right. There ARE other craft beer sites out there. While those sites are great if you’re REALLY into craft beer (like want to debate the hops combination one should use, or if organic yeast makes a difference), we want to be the site for the everyman (and woman). We don’t really care whether a beer is made with Cascade, Simco, or Fuggle hops (yes, we looked those up), how many points a beer was rated, or what brewery made it. All we care about it whether it tastes good and if we’d want to drink it or put it in our fridge.

Yes, IPAs are our favorite and are awesome. But, that doesn’t mean we’re only going to talk about them. We think that drinking beer is only one part of the craft beer experience. Exploring new places, embarking on new adventures, enjoying the outdoors, figuring out this parenting thing, and sharing all of it with friends (and a drink) is really what The Brewmance is all about.

Division is thriving in today’s world. Through meaningful, diverse conversation and events, The Brewmance seeks to connect with you and restore civility…one drink at a time.

So grab a glass, pour out your favorite tasty beverage, and join The Brewmance on this journey. Cheers!

Meet The Brewmance Team

Because no one ever said drinking for a living was easy, here’s the team that helps put this whole thing together.

Mike RussellCo-Founder & Chairman of the Brew

This is Mike. He likes beer…a lot. So much so that he convinced Rob to start drinking beer with him for a living. We consider him our Beer Sage – he’s dedicated many years of palate research, all in service to The Brewmance. In addition to seeking out and consuming some of the greatest brews on the planet, he likes to flex his man (and dad) muscles and Go Outdoors with his kids – hunting, fishing, camping, and pretty much anything requiring breathing fresh air and shooting at things. Plus, his Star Wars Lego building game is a beauty to behold.

Mike’s motto: “If beer has a Heaven, then I am doing God’s work”


Rob HunterCo-Founder & Chief Beer Officer

This is Rob. He has a beard (and a beer). According to Mike, “it’s the tightest beard game around”. As part of his official membership into the Beard Brotherhood, he realized he needed to step up his craft beer knowledge (for research…and artsy Instagram posts). From his first foray into beer drinking with Foster’s and Rolling Rock, Rob’s love for beer eventually evolved (thanks, in part, to Mike) to the point now where he’ll try any beer put in front of him…except for ones that come in green bottles. He co-founded the Brewmance to explore the world of craft beers and celebrate what Jack Nicholson calls, ‘the best damn drink in the world.’ When he’s not drinking a tasty beverage, he likes to eat cheese pizza, espouse the virtues of libertarianism, and dance like Jamiroquai to 90’s R&B and hip hop.

Rob’s motto: “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”  – Not Ben Franklin


Amy Yackowski (aka Lady Brewmance), Chief Hoperations Officer

When Amy isn’t busy creating spreadsheets and standards documentation that can solve world peace, she’s making sure the green screens are wrinkle-free and Mike & Rob are in frame. Growing up in a house of wine and beer sellers, her love of drink is in her DNA. In college, she decided that Rob was still attractive, despite his choice of beer in green bottles, and worked feverishly for several years to improve his hop palate…though his dance moves are all his own creation.

Amy’s motto: “They say behind all great men, there’s a woman telling them to stop f**ing around”

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