AI Can Help Get Beer Faster. The Brewmance On The Radio.

Don’t you just hate waiting too long for your next drink? Of course you do. We do too. We’ve been there with you, standing at the bar trying to get the bar tenders attention. All while they seem to look everywhere but in our direction. Artificial intelligence could be here to save the day. Or will Skynet rise?

The Terminator

Mike and Rob also talk about the sober curious movement. It’s a year old. Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield makes the news for shotgunning a beer. The Brewmance thinks this might be the greatest ever. Not everyone agrees.

Join us for Arizona’s only craft beer culture radio show.

Each week The Brewmance features one beer. This week it’s Tombstone Brewing’s (Tombstone, AZ) Bright & Juice No.2.

How does is stack up?

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