Are All Cops Heroes?

The question are all cops heroes stems from the recent firing of Police Officer in Phoenix.  The Officer was caught on cell phone camera yelling at a suspect, ‘you’re going to get (blank)ing shot.’  The cop followed up by screaming, ‘I’m going to put a (blank)ing cap in your (blank)ing head.’

Too much?

For Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams the answer is yes.  Mike & Rob disagree on this one.  Rob thinks the Chief was right.  Mike doesn’t.  He prefers a different solution.

This is a perfect conversation to have over a beer. Discussions don’t have to be like they are on social media. we sit face to face. We listen. We talk. Most of the time, we even withhold judgment.

There is more to the story.  The suspects in this case led police on not only one, but two chases.  Does this change the story?

Yes and no.  We’re always forced to pick sides. One side has to be right and the other naturally has to be wrong.  Can’t they both be wrong? Just because Rob thinks the officer should have been fired for threatening a suspect’s life doesn’t mean he thinks the suspect is right.

Let us know what you think of this story.  We’d also love you beer suggestions? Email us: Cheers@Brewmance.Beer.

This week’s beer comes from Lakeland, Florida.  Orange Blossom Brewing‘s Honey Pilsner.  Each can has over 2.3 teaspoons of honey in each can.  How does it stack up on The Brewmance Beerometer?

We also talk about police scenario videos on the podcast.  We went to Modern Round in Peoria to try those out.  Here’s our recap.

Time Stamps:

2:00:  Mike & Rob explain the background of the viral video arrest.

3:50: ‘Are all cops heroes?’

4:00: Rob explains his position and why he thinks the officer should have been fired.  Mike explains why he doesn’t think the cop should have been let go.

7:00: Mike explains the rest of the story.  The suspects in this case fled from the cops twice so no wonder the officers were involved were amped up.

7:45: Is it ok for an officer to swear?  Yes.  This Officer took it to the next level by threatening to kill someone?

9:20: Can both sides be wrong?  Yes.

12:00: Do the right thing when you are pulled over.  In this cop story, both sides are wrong.

14:15: Mike explains how he thinks policing has changed and how different people are becoming officers.

16:00: Rob says he’s pro-cop even though he has some disagreements with policing.  But the power police departments get comes from lawmakers.

20:20: How do you discipline an officer who says I’ll put a cap in your head? Mike says he’d have to be on a desk forever.

22:45: We can handle other people’s opinions and emotions without getting all emotional about it ourselves.

23:30: The Brewmance reviews Honey Blossom’s Honey Pilsner.

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