Are Movies Being Made To Appease Trolls?

Hollywood is making movies to avoid the wrath of trolls. Sadly, this is true and it’s strange. Mike Russell and Rob Hunter believe this is a great conversation to have over a beer. This week The Brewmance grabs Ska Brewing‘s (Durango, CO) Pearody, an ale brewed with Pears. Mike and Rob rate and review Pearody at the end of the podcast.

Here’s an example. At the end of the latest Star Wars movie two women kiss. It’s a short scene. It really has no purpose except for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker and Disney to respond to criticism they aren’t LGBTQ friendly enough.

This is what Hollywood has become, an entire industry meant to appease. And the quality of movies have gone done because of this. The problem only gets worse because Hollywood is reacting to social media, which isn’t real life. Come to think of it, neither is Hollywood. Perhaps it’s time we stop looking at Hollywood to lead the way.

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