Are There Better Ways To Stop The Spread Of COVID19?

We here at the Brewmance figure there are three ways for governments to attempt to stop the spread of COVID19. One, is what we will call the American way.

Governments have shut down businesses were shut down. Millions have been furloughed or lost their jobs. Most non-essential workers are working from home.

We won’t know the economic impacts of this for months, maybe years.

Second is the South Korean model. South Korea interviewed COVID19 patients to find out where they had been over a two week period. Then, the government looked at surveillance cameras to determine their movements. After that step they alerted others who were around the patient to self-quarantine for two weeks.

It’s intrusive, but as of right now it appeared to have worked. The country has less than 11,000 positive cases (as of this writing).

The third model is the test everyone model. Iceland is currently working on this. It’s much easier for them because they have less than 400,000 residents. Could the US pull that off?

Explore the options with us and let us know which option you think is the best. Mike Russell & Rob Hunter have their favorites and discuss them with you.

As part of the stay-at-home practice, they recorded this podcast from their own homes, separately, so they grabbed different beers.

Mike went to the mecca, Russian River Brewing’s Mind Circus Hazy IPA (

Rob went to the opposite end of the country. He tries Shipyard Brewing’s (Portland, ME) Hoppy Pride Pilsner because he loves all people. Ok, maybe not all, but most.

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