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About Rob Hunter

Rob is the co-founder and Chief Beer Officer at The Brewmance. He co-founded The Brewmance to explore the world of craft beers and celebrate what Jack Nicholson calls, ‘the best damn drink in the world.’ When he’s not drinking a tasty beverage, he likes to eat cheese pizza, espouse the virtues of libertarianism, and dance like Jamiroquai to 90’s R&B and hip hop.

Montucky Cold Snacks is up as The Brewmance restores civility one sip at a time by bringing people together despite having different opinions. This week let's talk about how far woke culture has come. It's come so far former President Obama is calling it out. We define what being truly woke is all about. Join us.

Woke Culture Has To Wake Up.

Beer is getting a bad rap lately. Every few weeks there’s another warning to brewers. People in their 20’s aren’t drinking beer. Instead, they are all turning to hard seltzers. Sales of White Claw and […]

Confession Time. Seltzers Are Good.

Drinking craft beer for a great cause! Sign us up. JohnJay & Rich’s executive producer Joey Bradfisch joins The Brewmance to talk about what he and his wife Chanel are doing to raise money for […]

Brews For Drew. Sat. Nov. 2. Barnone. Gilbert, AZ.

Last week, Mike & Rob said it’s a great time to be alive.  We live in historic times people will wonder about two hundred years from now.  This week, we take a look at how […]

Sports Is Better Than Ever

Today, Mike and Rob sip on Belching Beaver’s Phantom Bride IPA while they discuss whether or not athletes are role models. Many NBA athletes enter the league at the age of 18 or 19, only […]

Athletes Aren’t Role Models Are They?

  On this episode of The Brewmance podcast Mike & Rob try out a new trend in craft beer:  a lower calorie IPA from Dogfish Head Brewing.  Their Slightly Mighty IPA only has 95 calories […]

How The NFL, Kap & Nike Manipulate Us.

Do you believe a conspiracy theory? Almost 50% of Americans do. Whether it is JFK, an alien at Area 51, a 9/11 cover up or the supposed Clinton body count.  That’s why Mike & Rob […]

Conspiracy Theories. What Do You Believe?

See that?  That’s we call can art. Can art can help a beer stand out on the shelf and more and more brewers are taking their can art as seriously as they brew their beer.  […]

Why Can Art Matters.

It’s a crowded beer market place.  The big brewers are losing market share to the over 7,000 craft breweries across the country.  Let’s face it, craft brewers are making better beer. Big beer companies, though, […]

How Big Beer Sells Beer. The Brewmance On The Radio.