The Brewmance Guides

We here at The Brewmance believe you’re only as smart as the knowledge you’ve thus far attained. Therefore, we’ve compiled a series of guides to help you in expanding your smarts in all things craft beer (and life). Consider this your library of Hops.


Our “craft beer outreach program”, where we meet with brewers to explore their processes, sample beers from around the world, and learn more about this crazy craft beer revolution.

Current Events

What’s happening in the beer world, as well as in our country and the world. Being an informed citizen means more than just following tweets.

Travel + Beer

What’s better than a vacation? A vacation that includes a trip to the local watering hole and sharing a glass of suds with a local. Check out some of the places we’ve traveled, along with the breweries and beers we’ve discovered.

Sports + Beer

Sports is always better with Beer! Need we say more…

Get Outdoors

What better way to enjoy this beautiful country of ours than with a firearm or rod, and a craft beer in hand. ‘Merica.

Parenting + Beer

Parenting can sometimes require a couple beers. We’re here to help (or at least entertain) by sharing some of our tips, tricks, and misses in our quest to stay sane and raise our kids to not be jerks.

Food + Beer

To paraphrase the great Julia Child, “I enjoy cooking with beer. Sometimes I even put it in the food”. Here, we share some of our best beer-filled recipes.

DIY + Beer

There’s nothing more satisfying that creating, fixing, or improving something with your hands…unless one of them is also holding a cold, tasty beer.

Man Stuff

Man things and what not

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