Bud Light Offers Browns Fans Free Beer With One Condition

We here at The Brewmance can appreciate a good promotion, especially if it involves beer. More importantly free beer.

Bud Light has come up with a good one.  They are installing several beer fridges around Cleveland.  These fridges each contain 200 16-ounce cans of Bud Light and will only open after the Cleveland Browns win their first game of the season.

The team went 0-16 last year.  They open their 2018 season at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 9th.

These fridges will be in place at FirstEnergy Stadium  and at various other drinking establishments in the city that day waiting for a W.  Of course, these will all be establishments that card people to be sure they are drinking their free Bud Lights legally.

VP of marketing with Bud Light tells Cleveland.com,

“We’re always cheering for them. Obviously they haven’t won in a while. We’re putting victory fridges out into the marketplace. When the Cleveland Browns win, at the end of the game, these refrigerators … will send a wireless signal that will unlock them and give fans the opportunity to have a celebratory Bud Light.”

So, as cool of an idea as this is there’s still one big problem here. The free beers are Bud Light.

We would love to see Cleveland win a few this season (especially against the Steelers); however, if we happened to be in The Land for one of those sweet victories we’d pass by these amazing looking beer-filled coolers. Bud Light and The Brewmance just don’t mix. Plus they give Rob a headache.

But, cheers to a good promotion. It’s one of the reasons Bud Light continues to be the most consumed beer in America.

What beer would you like to see in the fridge, knowing you could get a free one with a Browns win?

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