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That man is firearm inventor John Browning. Author Nathan Gorenstein says Browning should be in the class of other inventors like Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers. Gorenstein joins The Brewmance this week to chat […]

The Man Who Started WWI and Ended WWII.

Congressman David Schweikert admits he’s ‘geeks out’ over numbers, including the biggest number of them all…the United States National Debt. As a nation, we owe over $28 TRILLION. How will this impact your future? How […]

Are We Screwed Because Of The US National Debt? A ...

Our friend Dennis Alonso is the most interesting man alive. He’s on the board at Mother Road Brewing, he collects cars (real cars), buys and fixes bicycles amongst other fascinating hobbies. The Brewmance sat down […]

Dennis Is The Most Interesting Man Alive.

2020 was a year. Literally. But, almost everyone seems to be saying that meaning it was the toughest year ever. Fine. So, let’s look ahead to 2021. This year, Mike Russell & Rob Hunter are […]

2021 Is The Year Of Mindset.

Mike is back from his hunt outside Flagstaff, AZ. Rob wanted to know all about it. This week on the podcast, The Brewmance grabs a beer and we learn all about hunting for elk in […]

Mike Goes On A Hunt. Rob Wants To Know More.

Jordan Gardenhire wasn’t sure what to do with his life. Fresh out of college living in Colorado he wasn’t thrilled with his first job. So he decided to go to Cabo. He loved it so […]

Jordan Gardenhire, Founder of Baja Brewing Co.

Our friend Alex Clancy contracted COVID19 and he was willing to share his experience with the virus on The Brewmance podcast. Thankfully, he’s recovered. He missed a couple of weeks of work and tells us […]

Catching COVID19. A first hand account.