Food + Beer

Because Food + Beer just makes sense…and our bellies and livers thank us for finding some of the best food to pair with your favorite frothy beverage or drink. And, since beer is not just for drinking, we explore some of the best recipes using our drink of choice. As the great Julia Child once said (paraphrasing), “I Like [beer], I occasionally cook with it, too”. Preach, Jules, preach.

The Brewmance is getting ready for their upcoming appearance at the Mac & Cheese Fest AZ in Scottsdale on October 7th.  OHSO Brewery + Distillery is bringing their seafood mac and cheese called Mac Del […]

Yo, this Mac & Cheese is O.H.S.O. good.

Beer ‘N Brat flavored chips?  Come on Lay’s this can’t be a good idea.  Watch Mike, Rob and Lady Brewmance (aka Yack) try them out ahead of this year’s NCAA Men’s National Championship Basketball Game […]

Lay’s Beer ‘N Brats Potato Chips