CBD? What The Heck Is That?

CBD stands for cannabidoil. It’s a natural extract from a marijuana plant. But, it doesn’t get you high because CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive THC in it. 

So, it’s safe for use.  In fact, both Mike and Rob have used it in the past.  Mike after suffering a traumatic brain injury. Rob has used it to help him sleep.

CBD is a growing business. If you haven’t seen signs for it yet, you will. Recently, Rob saw a sign waver at an intersection waving a CBD sold here sign while driving around the Phoenix area. Additionally, CVS in 8 states is going to start selling products with CBD in them. It’s going mainstream.

The Brewmance wants to know why. 

So Mike and Rob bring in Angela and Chelsea Hamilton from Simple Jane.  In their Scottsdale, AZ shop, the mother-daughter team sell natural, proprietary CBD products like balms, sprays and bath soaks.

The Hamiltons talk about the numerous health benefits from using their products. Angela and Chelsea’s focus is that, health and wellness. 

We encourage you to listen to this #NoFakeBrews podcast with an open mind. You might be surprised with what you find. The #NoFakeBrews podcast is designed to connect us with new people and different ideas.  

We like to connect while drinking a beer. Angela and Chelsea brought Omission Pale Ale with them. We sip on this gluten-removed beer while we chat about the benefits of CBD.

Press play or download on iTunes. Cheers.

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