Celebs, Please Stop Oversharing. And All You Wanted To Know About Canning Craft Beer.

Canning is a major part of craft beer. It’s expensive. It’s time consuming. And because of those factors many craft brewers don’t do it.

Until they call Mobile West Canning.

On this episode of The Brewmance podcast Mike Russell and Rob Hunter talk with Mobile West Canning owner, Matt Woempner and his crew. Mason is the crew leader, Tom and Miggy are the line operators. The teach us all about the canning process.

Essentially, they bring their canning line to breweries across Arizona, San Diego and Vegas to make it easier for us to put our favorite crafts in our hands.

It’s a vital service for expansion. It’s such a fascinating process.

The team also brought in one of the beers they can for us to try. Walter Station‘s (Phoenix, AZ) Baja Girl Blond.

Along the journey of learning all about canning beer (and coffee, tea and mead), The Brewmance also chats with them about living in the time of the celebrity overshare as more and more celebrities are getting really personal in documentaries and memoirs. It’s too much.

Join us. Subscribe. Rate & Review. You know, all those podcast things. Seriously though, we are so grateful that you taken the time to read down this far and check out The Brewmance podcast.

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