Celtics Fan Saves His Beer!

Perhaps you’ve been there. You have a full cup of beer, filled right to the top. Maybe it’s a beer you paid $12 for at a stadium. The last thing you want to do is spill it or get bumped. That’s all you think about when you walk. Save the beer, save the beer. Each spill is like flushing .50 cents down the train. More importantly, it’s one less sip of the precious golden liquid we love so much.

Good news.  We now have a technique to save our beer, even after getting bumped by an NBA Player.  This Boston Celtics fan is walking back to his court-side seat during Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs when Celtics Rookie Jayson Tatum runs into him after getting fouled. The fan then leans into another fan, uses him to absorb the shock, holds his cup tight and saves all of his beer.

Well played, sir. Even if it was a beer we here at the Brewmance wouldn’t drink.

Rightfully so, the Celtics faithful give him a standing ovation.



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