Coronavirus quarantine have you stressed? De-stressing Tips from the AZ Stress Doc.

45 States across the US have some type of stay-at-home order, including Arizona where we are based. This is causing all kinds of stress. There are work from home stresses and job loss stresses. We are facing an uncertain economy and all of a sudden spending 24 hours per day with our families.

Yes, that causes stress too.

That’s why we here at The Brewmance welcomed in our friend Dr. Sonia, the AZ Stress Doc. She is an expert in handling stress.

Dr. Sonia explains to Mike and Rob a few techniques we can use during the coronavirus lock down. The advice is excellent.

Like so many of you, The Brewmance is working from home. Mike is at his home in the West Valley. Rob is in his Phoenix home. Because they are doing the podcast separately, they thought it would be a good idea to try out separate local beers.

Mike sips on Saddle Mountain Brewing‘s 6-4-3 Session IPA (Goodyear, AZ).

Rob, for the first time, steps outside the beer world and tries a Cider Corp‘s Mango Foxtrot Cider (Mesa, AZ). Both are open for pickup with some delivery options after the state ordered them to close for bar service.

Dr. Sonia joins in with fruit punch water. She’s working with clients after all.

Reviews and stress advice coming your way on the latest podcast from The Brewmance. Enjoy.

Drop us a note and let us know how you are doing during these unprecedented times. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or email us at


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