COVID19: The Time Of Self-Righteousness.

Everyone has an opinion about COVID19. What to do? To stay home or not? To reopen parts of the economy. We here at The Brewmance are no different. We have our opinions too. Some of them regarding the coronavirus we share on this very podcast.

However, because we have these conversations over a beer, we are not self-righteous about it while others want to impose their ideas and beliefs upon everyone else.

Let’s face it, that’s the opposite of freedom. It’s also worth talking about. So join us for another interesting conversation over a beer. Mike Russell sips on Modern Times’ Star Jungle Hazy Pilsner.

Wait, a hazy pilsner? What’s that all about it.

Rob Hunter goes to the opposite coast. Kennebunkport Brewing Company’s Mighty Cascade Brut IPA.

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