Drinking Gay Beer! The Brewmance On The Radio.

Gay Beer. Take a look at it. Does it look any different? Nope. That’s exactly the point. The name caught our attention so Mike Russell and Rob Hunter looked into it as The Brewmance.

Gay Beer is a brewery based in Brooklyn, NY. The owners do happen to be gay. They named their brewery the g-word because they realized what they wanted their beers to represent, promoting conversation and connection, which is exactly what The Brewmance is all about.

Unfortunately there wasn’t any Gay Beer to drink this week in the Valley, so on The Brewmance On The Radio so Mike and Rob grab Prescott Brewing’s Christmas City Ale and give that a shot while discussing Gay Beer’s marketing efforts.

We tell you all about Prescott’s Christmas City Ale. We also walk through Christmas gift ideas for craft beer drinkers and new research saying beer is healthy! Seriously.

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