Every Pint Takes 15 Minutes Off Your Life. So Drink Good Beer.

The Brewmance believes life is best celebrated with good friends and great beer. That’s why for the past few years we have rallied around craft beer. This week we received another reason to continue our #NoFakeBrews mission. A study says every pint takes 15 minutes off your life. If that’s the case, which we highly doubt, you better make it worth it.

Seriously, do you want to lose 15 minutes drinking sub-par, mass produced beer? Or do you want to earn those lost 15 minutes with a well-made, craft beer?

You know our choice.


We also crunched some numbers. To lose an entire day, you’d have to drink 216 pints. To lose an entire year you have to finish 78,840 beers.

Challenge accepted. But, only because beer brings camaraderie, friendship and leads to interesting conversations. See.

As Dennis Leary famously said, cigarette in hand, during his stand-up routine, No Cure For Cancer, he smokes 7,000 packs a day. Leary adds people always remind him smoking takes ten years off your life. His response, ‘they’re the ten worst years. They’re the ones at end.’

We rest our case. Drink good beer. Enjoy life one pint at a time.


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