Every Team Should Do Dollar Beer Nights. The Brewmance On The Radio.

The Phoenix Rising Football Club is getting people in the stands with dollar beer nights.  The Brewmance wants to know why more teams aren’t doing the same thing.

Mike also gives us some recipes and some ideas on how to cook with beer.  On the other hand, Rob only cooks one thing with beer and Mike will never eat it.  We explain.

As always, The Brewmance sips a beer on the radio.  This week it’s San Tan Brewing’s (Chandler, AZ) 1920 Arizona Style Lager.  Mike and Rob give it a run on their rating system: The Brewmance Beerometer.

Here’s how it works:

7-10: The Brewmance recommends the beer.

5-6.9: Not horrible. Not great for us. The Brewmance suggests trying it.

0-5: Not for us. We won’t drink it again.

There have been very few craft beers Mike and Rob have rated below a 5.

Also, on this week’s radio show (live on 550 KFYI, 6PM Saturdays): how much is too much for a 4-pack of craft beer?  $20?  Price is one of the biggest barriers getting people into the craft beer world.

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