Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Could Rule The World.

Let’s talk tech.

Mike Russell and Rob Hunter disagree. Rob is worried the tech companies could use all the information we give them against us, especially if the government gains access to the information. Mike thinks there is a middle ground here.

On this episode of The Brewmance podcast we talk about the potential downsides of tech. Could Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg rule the world because he has access to so much information about us?


Also, did you know Apple is scanning all your photos when you upload them to the iCloud? Yup. They say they are using a spam-like filter to search for illegal pornography.

Who has access to your photos? Should the government? We debate this because President Trump recently called out Apple because they won’t build a backdoor allowing law enforcement to peep into ‘certain people’s’ phones.

This is a great conversation to have over a beer. The Brewmance grabs Ninkasi Brewing Company‘s (Eugene, OR)’s OATIS Oatmeal Stout.

Join us for this conversation as we are restoring civility one sip at a time, even as the business of division of thriving.

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