Favorite Wrestlers With A Steve Austin IPA.

Remember Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Steve Austin at El Segundo Brewing Co. (tbrnews)

Of course you remember Steve Austin. He’s a wrestling legend. Stone Cold also loved to shotgun beer while in the ring. Today, he’s working with El Segundo Brewing Company. Together, they created Broken Skull IPA. Mike Russell’s sister Lori brought The Brewmance back some from Cali. So he and Rob Hunter have to try this out.

Since craft beer is the perfect center piece for a conversation we talk wrestling. Who was your favorite wrestler? The WWF was huge when we were kids. Today, the WWE is bigger than ever.

El Segundo Brewing’s Broken Skull IPA

Join us as we reminisce and appreciate the athleticism of wrestling. Cheers. Looking for more from The Brewmance? Catch us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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