Four Peaks Gilt Lifter

Four Peaks Brewing is out with their latest beer, a low calorie, low-ABV Scottish-Style Ale. They call it Gilt Lifter. Each can is only 99 calories and 3.4% ABV.

Essentially, this is their lighter version of their most popular beer, Kilt Lifter.

The Brewmance loves that local brewers like Four Peaks, Huss Brewing and others are making lower calorie beers for all of us to sip on. Not only will they help keep our waste lines a little slimmer, they will help us get more people into craft beer.

Mike Russell and Rob Hunter went to Tempe to hang with Four Peaks’ Communications guy, Zach Fowle and try the Gilt Lifter. It’s light, easy to drink and goes down smooth with malty notes. The flavor profile is very similar to Kilt Lifter.

Zach explains where the idea to brew Gilt Lifter came from, shares more about the beer and tells Mike and Rob nothing has changed at Four Peaks since their acquisition by AB InBev.

Cheers to trying new beers. Join us.

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