From The Air Force To Becoming A ‘Messy’ Yoga Instructor.

Brian Thomas isn’t your typical yoga instructor.  He likes his yoga messy.  He wants people to try new things, to fall over during a pose, and drink beer while standing in tree pose.  Brian doesn’t call every pose by it’s official yoga name when he’s teaching. He even cusses occasionally.  Rob’s been and says it’s an entirely different yoga experience. 

Brian is the founder of Baptiste Power Yoga in Phoenix.  He’s a retired Air Force Veteran and is currently serving with the Air National Guard.  Additionally, Brian served as a US Marshal.

He specializes in bringing yoga and mindfulness to first responders.  Mike, Rob and Brian talk mindfulness, forgiveness and getting over the stigma of yoga.

We also ask Brian about his journey from the U.S. Air Force, including being stationed at a remote base in Greenland, to becoming a yoga instructor.

Catch up with Brian on Facebook and Instagram.

He’s got events coming up on Saturday, November 16th at Sip Coffee and Beer in Old Town, Sunday, November 17th at Volanti Scottsdale and back at November 30th at Sip.  Mike even comes up with a new to draw beers drinkers in.

Try one out.  All the proceeds go to charity.

This week we sip on Surly Brewing‘s Todd The Axe Man.  Surly is a Minnesota based beer that’s just made their way to Arizona.  We are excited to sip on this IPA.

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2 thoughts on “From The Air Force To Becoming A ‘Messy’ Yoga Instructor.

  • Kortney

    Thank you so much for inviting Brian to share his message to YOUR audience. Getting dudes into yoga is such a struggle. “Breaking down the stigma” as you said will help get more guys on their mats realizing the benefits.

    Mike, if I wasn’t already teaching a class at the police academy during Brian’s next event, I’d be there to practice beside ya. Great to see you doing so well!

    • Rob Hunter

      Cheers! We say that all relaxed in shavasansa. 🙂 But, you are right on. It was tough to do yoga the first time. You think you aren’t manly. Then there’s admitting you actually tried it. Once you do, you realize how much more accepted it really is.

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