God Save The Bees.

On this #NoFakeBrews podcast Santos and Sean from the Sun Tan Honey Farm join us to talk about bees. Yes, bees. Because bees are incredibly important to our entire ecosystem.  These guys tell us why we should all start saving the bees.  Their slogan is #isavebz after all.

They drop some seriously interesting bee knowledge on this podcast.

Our relationship with them goes back a bit as we here at The Brewmance used a few pounds of their honey to create our hAZy Honey Beer in 2018. We sold it a festival and raised $3,000 for charity. And the beer was delicious thanks to Matt Flanagan and OHSO.

They also use honey to produce all kinds of products in their Perfect Man Club line.  Check them out for beard oils and soaps.

Santos and Sean also brought a beer with them. Unfortunately, not ours. It sold out QUICK.  Instead, we taste and review Sam Adams’ New England IPA.  How does it rate on The Brewmance Beerometer?  Join us.




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