Holiday Creep Hits Craft Beer and Why Is Rob Drinking Seltzers? The Brewmance On The Radio.

You’ve probably noticed Christmas shopping gets started earlier and earlier every year. Yup. The same thing is happening with holiday beers too. Mike doesn’t like it.

Rob just says don’t buy them. Ha!

Also on The Brewmance On The Radio Mike and Rob discuss the rise of the Hard Seltzers. Why is Rob embracing it. He tries to convince Mike it’s not as bad as he thinks.

Dark Sky Brewing: Weedy’s Rad Idea

Join us. This week’s Beer Of The Week comes from Dark Sky Brewing in Flagstaff, AZ. It’s called Weedy’s Rad Idea. Lady Brewmance’s parents brought it back with them in a Crowler during a recent trip. How does this pumpkin milkshake IPA stand up on The Brewmance Beerometer?

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