How To Create A Hit Podcast, Working In A Funeral Home, and Weed. Grant Inman Joins The Brewmance.

My Funeral Homes Stories is a huge podcast success. Hundreds of thousands of people have listened to Grant’s real-life stories working in a funeral home. Mike Russell and Rob Hunter had to talk with him about it.

You won’t believe how much time Grant puts into each episode writing, producing, and editing. He’s committed.

The Brewmance grabs a Mother Road Archive Ale and to discuss the podcast. Grant doesn’t drink anymore (we talk about that too). He’s moved from alcohol to marijuana. We also discuss weed.

Grant is also a damn good drummer. He’s even put out an album. Catch it here.

Grant is just an all around awesome guy, a guy we love to chat with anytime we get the chance. This is what our conversations sound like. Join us for this one.

My Funeral Home Podcast is here.

How to Become a Terrible Person podcast is here.

Grant’s Instagram here.

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