How To Reopen? Saddle Mountain’s Laura Hansen Talks Tough Decisions.

Arizona’s businesses are starting to open up. And this is posing some challenges for business owners.

The owner of Saddle Mountain Brewery, Laura Hansen, joins The Brewmance to talk about how they are moving forward. When we say moving forward we mean trying to figure out a way forward during these unprecedented times.

Laura is incredibly honest in this conversation–and we do mean incredibly honest right down to the numbers–about how business has changed for Saddle Mountain in the past 8 weeks.

Mike, Rob and Laura not only talk about the challenges ahead, they discuss the unknowns. No one quite knows how many people are ready to dine-in at restaurants yet.

So that presents challenges. Laura walks us through how she and her team are trying to balance safety while trying to make a living in the time of COVID19.

As always, we grab beers to chat over on The Brewmance podcast as we know division is thriving, leaving many of us feeling burned out, isolated, and searching for real connection. That’s why we created The Brewmance – an open-minded, inclusive community dedicated to celebrating life and crafting memorable experiences so that, together, we can restore civility and save the world…one drink at a time.

Laura and Mike grab beers from Saddle Mountain Brewing.

Mike grab’s Ray’s Gold IPA. Laura tells us the story behind that beer’s name while she sips on Strawberry B!@$!.

Because Rob doesn’t live near the brewery in Goodyear, AZ, he decides to sip on a special beer that’s been sitting in his fridge from the furthest point possible he could think of. Garage Project‘s Fresh IPA out of New Zealand.

Rob is thankful for his friends Scott and Charlie for introducing him to this craft beer made in their home country.

Join us for this podcast. You’ll dig it.

If you are a business owner, we’d love to hear from you as you, too, face the challenges of reopening. Email us at or visit us on Facebook or Instagram.

We’d also love to hear from you as well. Beer suggestions? Podcast topic suggestions? Don’t be shy. Say hi.

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