IPA10K. Running For Beer.

Shannon Williams is helping throw the IPA10k run in Sebastopol, California on May 4.  She joins us on The Brewmance’s #NoFakeBrews podcast to tell us about this event which combines running a 10k with an awesome beer festival.  Good news if you aren’t a runner.  You don’t have to run the event to attend the beer fest.

The event may be in Cali, but it’s only a couple hour flight from The Brewmance headquarters in Phoenix, AZ.  Additionally, Northern Cali is home to some amazing breweries (think Russian River, brewer of Pliny) and wineries. 

So the IPA10k might be a perfect excuse for you to get out of down the weekend of May 3rd (race is on May 4th). If you do want to go use the coupon code NOFAKEBREWS to save $5! (Link Above)

Also, there’s a competitive beer mile at the event. This is where really fast runners drink a beer before every lap and continue to run.  The beer mile world record holder is going to be there. Corey Bellemore ran a 4:33 mile while drinking four beers. Crazy. See it below.

Mike and Rob also ask Shannon about marketing since it’s become one of the most ubiquitous words in the world of business.  Shannon runs her own shop called Activate Marketing. Before that she worked with the Fiesta Bowl, The Super Bowl Committee and the Rock ‘N Roll Marathon.

Shannon also brought Mike’s favorite seasoning with her, Slavo Salt.  That’s her and her husband’s company.

Join us as we sip on Lagunitas’ collaboration with Moonlight Brewing called Secret Agenda.  It’s a Pale Bock and will be featured at next month’s IPA10k. We rate that on The Brewmance Beerometer.

Corey Bellemore breaks the Beer Mile World Record
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