Life Lessons & Advice, Cars & Golf with Brewmance, Sr. (Rob’s Dad).


Rob’s Dad, aka Brewmance Sr., stops by the podcast this week to chat with us about life, cars, and the game of golf.

A little about Bob Hunter: he grew up in Massachusetts before serving four years in the US Navy during Vietnam. After his service, Bob Hunter returned to work in the Supermarket and remained with one company until he retired. Mike and Rob ask him about that.

Additionally, Bob tells us about growing in the 60’s and what music he came to love. The Brewmance also talks to him about the beers he grew up drinking, how he came to love the game of golf, and advice he would give an 18-year old.

It’s a fun conversation and a reminder if you still have the chance interview your parents. You never know what you’ll learn.

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