New Zealand Nailed COVID. How? We Ask Kiwis Charlie & Scott.

Charlie and Scott Eddington join The Brewmance podcast from tomorrow in New Zealand. They are 19 hours ahead of Mike and Rob’s Phoenix time zone. Thanks to Streamyard we were able to connect on a recent Friday night/Saturday afternoon for them to talk about how their country handled COVID.

They handled things much differently than we do.

Charlie and Scott tell us about how the Kiwi’s have a team spirit. They are a smaller nation with 5 million residents. We also learn more about New Zealand’s preferred game of cricket (it’s confusing) and the Kiwi’s beer scene.

Rob met the couple on a beer tour in Prague and they have remained friends since. So this is another fun conversation over a beer. Join us.

Mike and Rob drink Behemoth Brewing’s Shower Beer. This is a really good beer Charlie and Scott brought over during their last US visit. Charlie and Scott sip on a couple of other local selections from Auckland, their home city.

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