No Fake Brews E.08: No Honest Political Debates Left

On this week’s episode of the #NoFakeBrews podcast, Mike and Rob weigh in on politics.  Are there any intellectually honest political debates left in Washington? It doesn’t seem so. This podcast comes after President Donald Trump met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in the hopes it would lead to a denuclearized Korean peninsula.

Trump fans cheered the summit. Trump opponents hated every second of it.

The Brewmance wonders why. Bottom line: it’s manufactured. And no, this isn’t a Trump based podcast. It’s a look at how America and the media debate politics.

As always, Mike and Rob do it while picking a beer to sip on. Today’s is Huss Brewing’s Scottsdale Blonde.  This is a great entry beer for someone who has never tried a locally made craft beer. Also, convenient because we have a tap of Scottsdale Blonde at iHeartMedia Phoenix for ‘events.’ We also love it because Huss Brewing is celebrating one iHeartMedia’s Phoenix radio stations, 102.5 KNIX’s 50th anniversary with special edition cans.

So, press play, subscribe to the #NoFakeBrews podcast on iTunes and Google as Mike and Rob do what they do best. Grab a beer and have a conversation about interesting things whether it’s news, parenting, sports, or life…because we believe life is best celebrated and discussed with friends by your side and a drink in your hand. Cheers.

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