No Fake Brews E.09: Rob Turns 40.

Mike and Rob celebrate Rob’s 40th birthday as Mike welcomes him to the mid-life crisis stage of life.  On this episode of the #NoFakeBrews podcast they examine whether or not milestone birthdays are a big deal and what exactly is a mid-life crisis? Does this mean we have to buy a sports car?

Mike also talks about how he thinks differently about life after a very dangerous incident up in Flag a year ago.

The #NoFakeBrews podcast is Mike and Rob doing what they do best. They grab a beer and talk through interesting things. Life. Politics. Sports. Age. This week The Brewmance grabs San Tan Brewery’s Lime Leaf Summer Ale. It’s technically a creme ale. Mike and Rob tell you what they think of this brew and talk about turning 40 and how it’s time to do things you really want to do.

Press play or head over to Google and iTunes and listen. Don’t forget to subscribe. It’s like hanging out with the Brewmance!



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