No Fake Brews E.11: Holidays Should Be On Friday

This year the Fourth Of July fell on a Wednesday.  Because of this, on episode 11 of the #NoFakeBrews podcast, Mike tries to convince Rob it is time to move all holidays to Fridays.  Certainly there’s a compelling case to be made here. We love America. We want to celebrate America’s birthday. But,  should we celebrate on a Friday?

Then you get fireworks on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Isn’t that enough of a reason?

The Brewmance also discuss a comment from Chris left for us on our Facebook page.  The post was about the top selling beers in America (Bud Light, Coors Light and Miller Lite). Chris admits he Coors despite it not being his favorite because cost is a factor.  He’s right. Craft beer can be expensive.  You should see Mike and Rob’s beer tab.  So, they weigh in with some lower priced craft options.

Join us for this discussion as we try Sierra Nevada‘s Pronto IPA, a specialty brew celebrating their 50th Anniversary.

The No Fake Brews podcast is Mike and Rob doing what they do best, having interesting conversations while drinking craft beers. Join us. Don’t forget to subscribe to the #NoFakeBrews podcast as well on iTunes, Google and Stitcher.


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