No Fake Brews Podcast E.12: Papa John’s & the P.C. Police

‘Walking on eggshells is a really crappy way to live’

-Mike Russell.

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter recently stepped down as chairman of the company because he used a racial slur during a conference call. While his use of the word is disturbing, there’s more to the story. Mike and Rob get into what a marketing agency tried to do once they heard the word.

The Brewmance also discusses the difference between racism and being racially insensitive. From there the they weigh in on the rise of the P.C. police who are hell-bent on ruining someone’s career for past mistakes. Are too many companies bowing to social media pressure in order to avoid the dreaded hashtag boycott?

Isn’t it also time to get America into a collective therapy session to teach us all how to deal with being offended? Yes. Rob is as racially-sensitive as they come, yet this entire culture of being offended by almost everything has gotten out of control.

Mike and Rob talk like grown-ups here doing what they do best, discussing issues while drinking a craft beer. This is what their conversations sound like at a brewery, bar or at their cribs. On this episode of the #NoFakeBrews podcast they grab and review an Uncle Bear’s Ocean West Coast Style IPA while discussing being offended in America.

Join us.


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