No Fake Brews Podcast E. 20: AZ Foodie On Picking A Place To Eat

Perhaps you’ve been there searching on your phone looking for a restaurant and have become overwhelmed with all the choices. It happens to Rob and Lady Brewmance often. When it does happen they usually end up just going to one of their old standbys.  So we thought we’d bring in an expert to help. That expert is Diana.  She’s AZ Foodie.  She’s out and about all the time trying new foods, deserts and restaurants (check out her Instagram) all across the Valley. In this episode of the #NoFakeBrews podcast we ask her advice on where to start our restaurant searches.

Mike isn’t so much worried about new restaurants as he is the fancy foods. His problem is fancy foods are pricier and the portions are smaller. What gives? Mike and AZ Foodie discuss that.

Diana also tells us about the first Donut Festival in Phoenix happening on November 18th.  Yes, you read that correctly, it’s a festival for donuts! Mmmmmm donuts.

We also talk about pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza?  But here’s a question, is a pizza without sauce really a pizza? AZ Foodie says yes.

Also on this episode, Mike and Rob recap of the World Series and The Brewmance bet. Now that the Red Sox have won, Mike has to go to Fenway and wear a Red Sox jersey.

As always, we have our conversation with a beer in hand. Today, we try Bell’s Brewery’s Quinannan Falls Lager. Bell’s is most known for their Two Hearted Ale, which was recently named the best craft beer in America. How do they do with their dry hoped Quinannan Lager? We put it to the test on The Brewmance Beerometer.  Listen in and don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and Google.


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