No Fake Brews Podcast E.06: Manscaping

Yup. That’s right. We talk about everything on the #NoFakeBrews podcast, including manscaping. How clean shaven should guys be? That’s the serious topic we delve into today. We’ve grabbed a Sky Island IPA from Thunder Canyon Brewing out of Tucson. Mike and Rob both talk very honeslty about their manscaping needs. And it’s not just where you might be thinking.

The discussion also includes the new places they found hair on their bodies.

Ears. Nose. Back. Everywhere.

Mike also has an interesting story about learning how to shave. He explains.

Hence, the need to manscape. And there’s nothing wrong with it. Grab a craft beer and enjoy this fun and very honest conversation on the #NoFakeBrews podcast. It’s Mike and Rob doing what they do best. Exactly that. Grabbing a craft beer and discussing like grown ups (that doesn’t mean swearing either) about interesting areas of life.

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