No Fake Brews Podcast E.22: Earn Your Booze

It’s holiday season. This means there will be parties with sweets and booze.  Can you possibly stay healthy while navigating all the holiday parties?  Justin Cross, co-founder of Earn Your Booze (@earnyourbooze), says yes. Mike Russell and Rob Hunter talk to him about that on this episode of the #NoFakeBrews podcast.

What we love about Justin and Earn Your Booze is their realistic approach to health and wellness.  Justin says EYB understands people are drinking and they base their programs on that reality.

Justin walks us through some of his strategies to stay fit while still enjoying the finer things in life like beer.  And our dude is fit.  And he drinks.  So, he drops some serious knowledge on the #NoFakeBrews podcast we can all take some tips from.  Join us. Caution: there’s some adult language on this episode (Justin was in the Navy after all).


Of course, we try and Earn Our Booze while drinking a beer.  This week’s choice comes from Sarasota, Florida.  JDubs Poolside Kolsch.  Rob’s father-in-law brought this from Florida for The Brewmance to try.  How does it measure up? And check out an Earn Your Booze event. Find out more about that by clicking here.

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