No Fake Brews Podcast Ep. 03: You Are Facebook’s Product. So?

Mike and Rob doing what they do best, grab a beer and have a conversation. In this episode of the No Fake Brews podcast they grab a Barrio Citrazona IPA  and discuss how Facebook uses your data to make money. Lots of money. There have been lots of questions about this practice and lots of controversy because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.  Yes, everything in America is a scandal.  Facebook being the latest after a company called Cambridge Analytica accessed a bunch of Facebook data and used it to buy ads targeted towards people who might vote for President Donald Trump.

Really, what the Brewmance wants to figure out is if anyone outside of media outlets cares Facebook collects all this data on you and uses it to make bank?

As always, we recommend grabbing your favorite craft beer while you listen to the No Fake Brews Podcast. Unless you are driving.  That would be bad.  Cheers.

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