Online Dating Tips

Talk to anyone who is dating now and they will tell you it is completely different than it used to be. While, we married guys may not know this about half the adult population is experiencing it right now.

In fact, a new poll finds over 50% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 are single. Most are using apps to date. And those using apps aren’t restricted to that age bracket. It’s the way people date.

Your Connection Coach, Laura Holka, is an expert in the app dating world. She’s refreshingly honest and opinionated. Laura consults with you to help find the prefect apps and the best strategies to maximize your chances of success.

Laura Holka, Dating Consultant

We welcome her to the #NoFakeBrews podcast. Laura shares some online dating tips and drinks a beer with The Brewmance. Mike and Rob sip on Saint Archer’s new light beer called Gold. Laura drinks an Omission Pale Ale (because we only had two Golds). Ha!

Saint Archer Gold Light Lager

Join us for this interesting conversation. It will help you if you are looking for love (or something else), if your friends or kids are using these apps.

If you want to connect with Laura, she’s offering a Brewmance discount on her dating services. She’s a Brewmance fave! Click on this link to reach out to her.

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