Our Favorite Beer-Themed Gifts

Despite the actual calendar date, apparently it’s unofficially fall in the USA, y’all. With that comes the task of starting (or at least saying you will) your holiday shopping. We know what you’re thinking…really Brewmance? It’s only Sept!

But, fear not, fellow Brewmancer’s, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite beer and beverage-themed items that will be a guaranteed hit, ensuring a very hoppy holiday season for all.

1. Goodnight Brew book

For those new parents out there who deserve their own bedtime story book, Goodnight Brew may be the very tome they’ll treasure.

2. Beer Cap Map

To help that buddy show off how sophisticated their hop palate is by displaying the beer caps for some of the bottled beers they’ve consumed. There are several map options, including the USA and each state (we’re partial to Arizona, of course).

3. Bring Me a Beer socks

Because, sometimes you shouldn’t have to ask…these socks also cater to the wine or coffee drinker, as well.

4. Hoptimist T-Shirt

For that friend who’s always saying “everything is better with a good craft beer”, now they can “say it with their chest” with this t-shirt.

5. India Pale Ale Peanut Brittle

Do you love peanut brittle? Do you love IPAs? Then you’ll definitely enjoy Small Batch Brittle’s India Pale Ale Craft Beer Brittle. It’s made in small batches in Napa Valley, and combines dark roasted sugar and butter with Spanish peanuts, a hint of salt, and a couple drops of microbrewed IPA.

6. Shower Beer Holder

Because having to wait to drink a beer until AFTER you’re out of the shower is a drag, never miss a sippable moment with this Shower Beer holder.

7. Craft IPA Shampoo & Conditioner

For the hop-hound whose love of IPAs knows no bounds, now they can even bath in it with Craft IPA Shampoo and Conditioner from Duffy’s. Bonus: The products are sulfate, paraben, and phthalate free.

8. Beer Soap

And, while they’re getting clean, they can round out their craft beer bathing with Swag Brewery’s Beer Soap. This six-pack of hoppy suds includes scents such as Honey Pilsner, Belgium Witbier, Apricot Wheat, Oatmeal Stout, Hoppy IPA, and Vanilla Porter.

9. Allusive Beer Mug

Is it or isn’t it? Keep co-workers, friends, and family guessing what kind of brew is in your mug

10. Beer Fund Piggy Bank

Because supporting a craft beer habit can be expensive, this piggy bank can help in saving your pennies to fund your fun.

11. Yeti Colster Can/Bottle Holder

Keeping your tasty beverage cool is critical to optimal beer consumption nirvana. This Yeti Rambler Colster holds both cans and bottles, has double-wall vacuum insulation, and a “No Sweat” design to prevent condensation or chilly hands.

12. Brew Ha! Ha! Board Game

Combining love of board games AND craft beer, Brew Ha! Ha! is like Cards Against Humanity paired with Mad Libs, with a beer theme. Players combine their cards to create their own descriptions of each beer they are currently drinking. Once all beer combinations are completed, players can then play “Character Assassination,” where each player describes one another as if they were a beer. 

And, for that furry friend in your life…

13. Doggie Beer Bones

These all-natural Doggie Beer Bones are made using repurposed spelt malted barley sourced from local San Diego craft breweries, along with peanut butter, eggs, and barley flour. We’re certain your favorite pup will sit, stay, or do a flip after having one of these tasty treats.

14. BarkBrew Dog Beer

Since it seems they always find a way to drink some of your beer, why not pour your pooch his own glass with Pet Winery’s BarkBrew Dog Beer Liquid Dog Treat. With both chicken and beef flavors, you and your four-legged best friend can both kick back and enjoy.

Let us know which one you’ve tried, and if you have any more, in the comments!

Affiliate Disclosure: The Brewmance may receive a small monetary compensation for links to products from this post. However, we will never recommend products or services we haven’t personally used or support. 


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