Dogfish Head

  On this episode of The Brewmance podcast Mike & Rob try out a new trend in craft beer:  a lower calorie IPA from Dogfish Head Brewing.  Their Slightly Mighty IPA only has 95 calories […]

How The NFL, Kap & Nike Manipulate Us.

Rob and I were recently in Massachusetts visiting with friends and family. One of Rob’s close friends, Brian (and his family), hosted a fantastic get together at their home. We ate pizza, drank some delicious […]

DIY Bug Bite Anti-Itch Relief Cream

Why is Rob rubbing this beer on his beard? Please make him stop! Ha! It’s another offering from your favorite brew pals – this time, Dogfish Head’s coveted 120 Minute IPA. Cheers.

Dogfish Head – 120 Minute IPA