The Brewmance’s 2019 Health Goals w. trainer Danny Page. #NoFakeBrews podcast.

This is the podcast we need to start off 2019.  It’s about setting goals.  Specifically, health goals.  Realistic goals at that.  Here’s the reality: we will to continue to drink craft beer.  While admit that, we still want to stay in shape and feel younger.  Is it possible?

Yes.  That’s why Mike and Rob have brought in the experts from Vita Sana Solutions.  Trainer Danny Page and Earn Your Booze‘s and Navy Vet Justin Cross have customized a program for us to optimize our health.  As Mike says in this episode, ‘they are going to be kicking our ass all year.’

Danny Page and Justin Cross

Vita Sana runs corporate wellness programs to help make offices healthier places.  They approach health in a realistic way.  Danny and Justin know The Brewmance is going to keep drinking.  So, here, they are preaching balance.  

Join us to follow along with our program they have created for us and get tons of health tips and knowledge on this episode of the #NoFakeBrews podcast.

Danny also tells us about his own recent health scare that has doubled down his efforts to maintain excellent mental and physical health.  

As always, every episode of the #NoFakeBrews podcast features a beer.  Danny drinks Goldwater Brewing‘s Crimson Clouds IPA.  It’s brewed with prickly pear cactus.  

Goldwater Brewing’s Crimson Clouds IPA

Listen in.  You’ll learn, you’ll get motivated and you’ll have some fun with us.

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