The Man Who Started WWI and Ended WWII.

That man is firearm inventor John Browning.

Author Nathan Gorenstein says Browning should be in the class of other inventors like Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers.

Gorenstein joins The Brewmance this week to chat about his new book, The Guns Of John Moses Browning.

It’s the first real in-depth look at the man who created the designs most modern guns are based on.

Browning was revolutionary says, Gorenstein.

No matter how you feel about firearms, you’ll enjoy this look at the reclusive man behind them and how his inventions started World War I and ended World War II.

The Brewmance brings people together for well-crafted conversation over a drink or two.

This week Mike and Rob sip on Historic Brewing’s (Flagstaff, AZ) Salt River salt and lime lager.

Here’s Nathan’s website.

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