To Be Nice Or To Be A Jerk. The Brewmance On The Radio.

00:00 This past week Ellen Degeneres took some heat online for ‘hanging out’ with former Republican President George W. Bush at a Dallas Cowboys game.  The audacity.  

Ellen followed up after being the subject of mean tweets by saying she’s kind to everyone even if they have different beliefs.  Those comments only seemed to make matters worse as celebrities chimed in suggesting being a jerk to Bush and suggesting he should be charged with war crimes.  But, these celebs and other social media users went further than just Bush saying don’t be nice to people who agree with conservatives.  

Here at The Brewmance we celebrate life with great friends and great drinks and we believe we can solve any issue over a beer.  So we advocate a different approach.  See, it’s all love here.

10:50 The Arizona Coyotes have teamed up with Grand Canyon Brewing to create the Kachina Throwback Ale. Mike & Rob discuss what it means when sports teams work with local craft brewers.

21:00 The Glenlivet released whiskey pods this week and because it’s 2019 some people were very upset about this because they resemble the Tide Pods kids were eating in online challenges.  Relax and have a beer everyone.

We also tell you about the Arizona breweries who took home some medals at the biggest beer fest, The Great American Beer Festival.  

Speaking of which, our Beer Of The Week comes from San Tan Brewing (Chandler, AZ).  It’s their Oktoberfest, made for this season.  We rate and review it on this edition of The Brewmance On The Radio.

Mike & Rob also bring you the Weird Beer Of The Week.  This week it’s Sam Adams $210 bottle of beer called Utopia.

Have a suggestion for a Arizona Beer Of The Week?  Let us know on Instagram or Facebook. Cheers and thank you for check out The Brewmance.

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