What To Do When You Get Pulled Over.

Recently, Mike was pulled over for speeding on his way to a fishing tournament.  His pleasant experience with the officer leads The Brewmance to discuss what to do when you are pulled over.

First thing to know is the police aren’t going to give you legal advice. Second, be nice to the officers.

Third, we suggest you only get your license out at first.  Grab your registration after the officer comes to the car.

Other questions we walk through:

What if you have a firearm in the car?

What if you have been drinking?

Should you let an officer search your trunk?

Mike & Rob also talk about their experiences with police including Mike’s wife getting out of a potential speeding ticket in a school zone.

This, too, is a great discussion to have over a beer.  Today, it’s Barrio Brewing’s (Tucson, AZ) CitraZona IPA.

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