When Will You Be Ready To Go Out in Public? (COVID19)

Let’s grab a beer and talk about when we will get back to ‘normal.’ In two months or less tour entire way of life has changed. So, what will it take for us to get back to normal.

Everyone’s answers seems a little different. Times are different.

Division is thriving, leaving many of us feeling burned out, isolated, and searching for real connection. That’s why we created The Brewmance – an open-minded, inclusive community dedicated to celebrating life and crafting memorable experiences so that, together, we can restore civility and save the world…one drink at a time.

On this episode of The Brewmance podcast, Mike Russell and Rob Hunter share their ideas on what it would take for them to go back out to restaurants, sporting events and other things in public.

Mike grabs a Rogue Brewing’s Batsquatch Hazy IPA.

Rob grabs a Modern Times Promixa Hazy IPA.

We’d love to hear your ideas on what a new normal will look like for you. Email us at Cheers@Brewmance.Beer or drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram.

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