Who Are Conservationists?

What is a conservationist? Maybe the more important question is who is a conservationist? Does an image in mind? Maybe a hippe? How about this guy?  Would he fit the image as a conservationist?

That’s The Brewmance’s Mike Russell.  He’s an avid outdoors man (listen to The Go Show). That’s exactly why he wants to conserve the outdoors. Mike and other hunters spend plenty of time outdoors, just like the conservationist you might picture in your head (maybe this guy?).

This #NoFakeBrews podcast from The Brewmance is about finding common ground to keep our outdoor playgrounds pristine. 

Enter Mother Road Brewing in Flagstaff.

They have teamed up with Arizona Game & Fish on their Kolsch. $1 of every can purchased will go towards the Arizona Game & Fish Department. Game & Fish doesn’t receive one dollar of government funding and keeping Arizona’s outdoors pretty takes some cash.

What does a brewery and Game & Fish have in common? Keeping Arizona beautiful. Mike and Rob sip on Mother Road’s Conserve and Protect Kölsch-style ale while discussing the great outdoors.

Join us and celebrate the outdoors and life.

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